My Last day in Pythian

Hi, yes, the title is true, today is my last day in Pythian. I started working in Pythian in 2014, I had different stories since I started for example the warm welcome that my cluster team did for me, or the last Friday I was in Ottawa, Canada and I walked across all the Pythian offices with a big Box (pythian guys know what I am talking about), How kind Jennifer was with me while I was in Ottawa. Believe me, since the first days in Pythian you start feeling like if you were a member of this family for many years, the onboard process is awesome. Then I joined my team and the fun started, that fun that you have with friends, we were doing jokes and we were always happy, always laughing, even working from different countries in the world. To work in the the famous “Team 30” was the best thing I had, working with these gurus and experts were a great experience, like Kamran, Fabio, Nelson, Nagaraj, Cesar and Luke. Thank you Team30 for that fun that we had in the team chat, for those challenges where you supported me and for those issues we solved together,  it was incredible and a honor working with you. I will be part of Team30 forever!.
Inside Pythian I learned a lot, I learned something new every day, it was really good because I was working with several different flavors of OS, Database configurations (RAC, One-Node Rac, Single Instanc, etc) and that is what makes to improve your skills as a DBA. I was really happy with that because I was looking for that when I joined Pythian, I was looking for a place where I can be challenged , a company where I can grow up as a professional, where I can improve my skills and at the same time to have fun, and I found it. Working with all those different environments made me to learn a lot of different things, every day,  and all that learned allowed me to be prepared for big challenges: Oracle Certified Master 11g, Oracle Certified Master 12c, Oracle ACE Director, SELECT Journal Editor’s Choice Award 2016, Oracle Beta Tester and Technical Reviewer of a Book, all in just almost-two years. It was a lot of community work in few time, people says, but it was possible because I was in a great place.

So why I am leaving? If I was so happy why?

Well, for those people that know me since I was a child, they know that I don’t like to be in a comfort zone, I want more and more and more challenges, I like to do different things, work in different goals, accomplish good achievements, challenge myself and that’s the reason why I am moving from Pythian. I took the decision to challenge myself, perhaps the biggest challenge in my life, and that challenge is to have something own, my own Company for Oracle Consulting Services focused on Latin America in our native Language, Spanish. There are a lot of Companies in Guatemala looking for solutions and that’s my passion, to provide solutions, to solve oracle issues, to solve those issues that nobody have been able to solve, to be the “Next Level”. So with this in mind, I am creating Nuvola S.A. a company to provide Excellence on Oracle Consulting Services but in our native language Spanish, initially in Guatemala, then I am planning to take this Spanish excellence to Central America and my vision is to cover Latin America. It will be a great challenge, as I said, perhaps the biggest decision in my life, but I see a lot of companies in Latin America looking for that Local  Excellence on Oracle Consulting in our native language: Spanish. I am building a great team in Guatemala (are you interested? apply here) with great Spanish Experts, we are creating the core, the culture of Oracle Excellence here in Nuvola S.A., a modern way to work, a place to have fun, a place to learn, a place to show the world how excellence you are providing solutions, a place to rock! Meet Nuvola S.A.:


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