How to estimate the amount of MBs for a rebalance activity in ASM 11g and ASM 12c

You have few free space in the current diskgroup where your principal database is running, you have requested your manager more disks in order to increase the free space, your manager contacted Storage Team and finally you have the approval for adding 10 disks to your current diskgroup. Since all those 10 disks have to be added at the same time and since the database has around 1 TB you are worried because you believe the rebalance activity will take a lot of time impacting in business hours, you have to create a plan and decide either using a high value for asm_power_limit impacting the performance of your principal database or using a low value for asm_power_limit impacting (maybe) the business hours. So that you are thinking about how many hours the rebalance operation will take using low asm_power_limit value, you believe that using low value you will not impact the performance and also you will not impact the business hours because the rebalance activity will finish at an acceptable time, that is what we will try to find out, a way in order to have a clue regarding the duration of the rebalance operation which is given directly by the amount of MBs that has to be reallocated.

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