How to migrate disks from ASMLib to ASM Filter Driver (GI Standalone Environment)

Well, in this blog post you will find information about how to migrate your disks in order to use AFD, keep in mind that in my environment I am using only one database and also one 1 Diskgroup, if you are planning to migrate from ASMLIb to AFD I recommend to migrate all your diskgroups.

To know which diskgroups I have:

[grid@db12102 trace]$ asmcmd lsdg
State Type Rebal Sector Block AU Total_MB Free_MB Req_mir_free_MB Usable_file_MB Offline_disks Voting_files Name
MOUNTED EXTERN N 512 4096 1048576 31455 29491 0 29491 0 N DATA/

What is the path of each disk used by my diskgroups? Remember to list all the disks used by all your diskgrups.

[grid@db12102 trace]$ asmcmd lsdsk -G data

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