ODC APPRECIATION DAY: Flashback Pluggable Database

This article is written to support the Oracle Developer Community (ODT) Appreciation Day formerly known as Oracle Technology Network (OTN). The ODT Appreciation Day was proposed by Tim Hall, it's a day where everybody around the world publish about their favorite feature, product, architecture or technology. 

Last Year for OTN Appreciation Day I published that my favorite feature was "Multitenant" introduced in 12c. This year, I still love that feature so I will extend it. For this ODT Appreciation Day 2017 I will say that m favorite feature is "Flashback Pluggable Database" which is a feature related to Multitenant Stuff.  In 12.1 it was possible to Flashback a Database only a CDB level, The multitenant architecture was introduced so it make sense that all the features that Oracle already had like Flashback Database were not going to be available for Multitenant. But Oracle did a great job improving and adapting all their existing features to Multitenant and in 12.2 Flashback Pluggable Database was possible. Flashback PDB can be done on PDB Level using Local-Undo and also Shared Undo. With Local Undo Oracle Flashback a PDB as the same way as it was in 11g, however with Shared Undo Oracle needs a "auxiliary instance".

If you want to read more about Flashback Pluggable Database I invite you to read the following articles:

Have a good ODC Appreciation Day!

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